Standart price: €78.00

Price: €39.00

What is Cholestifin

Cholestifin is balanced and efficiently composed cholesterol-reducing product. Its formula helps to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol, helps to increase “good” cholesterol and helps to remove cholesterol deposits*

How to use

One box contains 50 ml liquid drops
(enough for 2 months daily usage).
For best results put 10 drops in 50 ml of water. Use twice a day, before or after meals. 20 drops daily are enough to normalize the cholesterol levels.

Standart price: €78.00

Price: €39.00

Gives new life to your blood vessels

Cholestifin helps to normalize the lipid values*

Helps to minimize the risk of coronary heart disease*

Has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract*

Helps to get rid of excess weight*


"Building material" for new cells, helps maintain water balance and remove fat*
Helps restoring blood circulation, supports the normal operation of the heart, liver and brain*
It helps for dissolving plaques depositing on the walls of the arteries. It also helps to break down harmful cholesterol*
It is found in wild oats, rich in fibre and helps to reduce cholesterol levels*

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